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4 Reasons To Be A Nadine West Affiliate...

1. Make Money On Leads, Not Sells.

People don't need to buy for you to get paid. They merely need to signup.

2. We Love Our Customers.

And want our customers to love us too...

We treat them right.

3. We're Here To Help.

Questions? Ideas? We're here for you!

4. 5% Conversion.

For every 100 visitors that visit our home page, 5 will signup.

Some of Our Excellent Testimonials (Feel Free to Include In Your Marketing Materials)

"You have been totally awesome and I'd highly recommend you to others for your great customer service."
Alicia D.
"I love your service!"
Gina J.
"I totally love the concept of these monthly subscriptions."
Christie M.
"I LOVE your service. It's like a mini Christmas every month!"
Erin C.
"I love my surprise every month."
Robyn M.
"Thank you for the great customer service."
Ashley D.
"You guys rock!"
Katrina P.
"Great Earrings!"
Megan B.

How Much Will I Make As An Affiliate?

Great Question! Currently, we pay $3 per lead.

If you have 1,000 daily visitors and one day you get 20% to visit (200) and we convert 5%-10% (10-20 leads) then you'll make $30-$60, all for a simple mention. If you mention us 10 times in a month, that becomes $300-$600. Have 10,000 daily visitors? This becomes $3000-$6000. Who knows?! The point is, bring people our way. We convert. You get paid.

What Are Some Benefits We Can Tell Our Followers? (feel free to use any of the following)

Cool things about us:

1. We're an additional, no-risk way to shop in your spare time.

2. We don't charge anyone except for items they keep over our 10-day marker (and we're flexible; if someone ships a couple of days late on accident, we refund)

3. We're all about styling. After taking the style quiz, we define and refine.

4. Every shipment is an outfit that can be mixed and matched - in general, packages contain a shirt and two pieces of jewelry.

5. They can keep all, some, or none of the outfit.

6. We're an At-Home Shopping Assistant for your spare-time (and who's not busy!?)

7. We're a SURPRISE! People love that they have no idea what they're going to get each month.

8. We're the Netflix of Outfits. But free to try out.

Do You Have Any Examples?!

Here's a video from That Girl Cathy.

Okay - This Is Right For Me...How Do I Get Started?

1. Signup using the form below.

2. Receive your custom affiliate link.

3. Start sharing and earning.

4. Hit us up for anything we can do to help.

Did We Miss Anything?

We're here for you! Email us at affiliates@nadinewest.com.

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